Differential Signal Balancer/Common-mode Noise Absorber
Multipath Reflection Remover
CDLD-Type R-Suffix
CDLD-Type E-Suffix
10Gbps Multipath Reflection Removal Example
Product Specs
Package Dim. / Pin Config
Suggested Land Pattern
Reflow Soldering Conditions
Typical Applications
Characteristics Examples
Technical Note 1:
Example of Eye-Pattern Improvement
Technical Note 2:
Example of Common-Mode Noise Elimination
Technical Note 3:
Example of Differential Signal Balance Improvement
Technical Note 4:
Comparison of Common Mode Noise Input Reflection
Technical Note 5:
Step Response Skew Improvement Example
Technical Note6:
Frequency Characteristics of Common-Mode Impedance
Technical Note7:
CDLD Transmission Speed
RoHS Compliance Status
Common Mode Filter
<Common Mode Eliminator>
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