Care and Handling of LTCC Products


  1. Storage Conditions: Temperature: -40°C~+30°C; Humidity: less than 60% Relative Humidity

  2. Please store out of the open air and in a location free of corrosive gasses containing Sulfur or Chlorine.

  3. Please store out of direct sun light.

  4. Please use within one 1 year of receipt. For parts kept over one 1 year, please only use after verifying solderability.

  5. Please only use according to the terms and conditions described in this catalog. If used outside these terms, quality may decrease, heat may be generated and breakage may occur.

  6. In order to maintain the viability of the part, please connect all GND terminals when using.

  7. When using other than the recommended land pattern, be sure to verify the characteristics of the device.

  8. When soldering with a soldering iron, please use a point temperature of under 300°C for less than 5 seconds per terminal. When re-working time is too long, it may cause solder leaching, which will cause a reduction of the adhesive strength of the terminations.

  9. Do not allow the soldering iron to touch the body of the component.

  10. Please keep the solder volume to less than 2/3 the height of the component.

  11. If the PCB is badly warped, it may be a cause of breakage or cracking. Please try to prevent warping of PCBs being used. Otherwise, place the component in a location not subject to the stress associated with the warping.

  12. Because this is a component which uses ceramic, excessive pressure or shock may cause the body to break. Please take care during transportation and handling.

  13. If the component is damaged or chipped, efficiency will drop. Please take care during handling.

  14. When cleaning, when using water or water-based products, any remaining moisture may cause the insulation to deteriorate.

  15. When using an ultrasonic cleaner, if the output is too great, the PCB may resonate and cause the component to crack.

  16. After attaching the component, when removing the component, high-temperature heating may cause the component quality and performance to drop. Please use caution when reusing as a rework component.

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