FDC-Type and FDD-Type 3 Pin Fixed High-Speed Fixed Delay Lines

The FDC and FDD family of fixed single in-line package (SIP) delay line products are available in a variety of types in either standard or custom specifications. SPICE Model is available.

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  • Miniaturized high-speed fixed delay lines that combine ELMEC's high-density delay line elements in a single in-line package.
  • Suitable for use with a variety of logic elements including the ECLinPS, ECL 100KH, 10K series as well as TTL FAST, CMOS FACT and analog circuits.
  • 15GHz Band width, available for 10Gbps data signals
  • Since the FDC and FDD feature the same package size (except for height) and pin configuration, with both types combined a delay time range of 0-27ns (0-15ns in our 50W version) can be adjusted in varying increments of 50ps, 100ps, and 500ps. See the following pages for detailed specifications.
Common Specifications
Package Dimensions & Pin Configuration
FDC Product Specifications
FDD Product Specifications
Typical Applications

r: Signal Source Impedance
Rin: Input Adjustment Resistance
Zo: Characteristic Impedance

(1) Analog circuit
(2) ECL (-2V termination line used)
(3) ECL (-2V termination line not used)(PECL)
(5) LVPECL Differential
Output Waveforms
RoHS Compliance Status

1. Compliance Status
RoHS-compliant components are available. However, if RoHS-compliant components are not specified at the time of order, non-compliant stock items may be supplied until depleted.
Differentiating Compliant and Non-compliant Components Compliant and Non-compliant Components will be differentiated by Lot Numbers.
Non-compliant Components: 2-digit year/month code
Compliant Components: S+2-digit year/month code (3-digit code)
Terminal Plating Non-compliant Components: 90% Sn/10% Pb, 7µm Min

Compliant Components: Base: 100% Ni, 0.2~0.5µm
External: 100% Sn, 5~10µm