CDKD-Type LTCC Multi-layered Differential Delay Lines

CDKD type delay line is an LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic) chip-type differential delay line, also due to ELMEC's own high-density monolithic LC structure. Crosstalk is reduced and, even for GHz-level high-speed signals, it can maintain stable, differential impedance and by connecting the 2 differential lines, can also be used as a 2x Td single-ended Delay Line. It is a RoHS-compliant component.

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Common Specifications
CDKD Product Specifications
CDKD Type Tape and Reel specifications

Packaging of components can be in Tape and Reel for convenience of shipping and storage. The package is embossed with cover tape and contains 500pcs per reel, as shown below. The reel is marked with supplier name, part number, quantities, and lot number.

Suggested Land Pattern
Reflow Soldering Conditions

Storage conditions are as per MSL1. These component families are not moisture-sensitive. Baking prior to reflow is not required.

Typical Applications and Termination Methods
(1) PECL
(3) Twisted Pair Termination
(4) LVDS
(5) CML

[*] Signal GND potential, such as a power supply GND or a Vcc line.Note: The Delay Line can be used with the GND disconnected, however, in order to obtain superior performance, we recommend that all GND pins should be connected.

Measurement Conditions for Waveform Plot
Output Waveforms
RoHS Compliance Status

Initially developed only as a RoHS-compliant component.